Thursday, November 1, 2012

Done! He looks better than I thought he would. I wish I did not want to do one in yellows and wine-reds! I found out today that Vicki bought the other one at CHAC. She was there installing the bead show and decided she had better buy it before the show opens. Knowing an animal is 'gone' makes me want to do it again and here I was avoiding the urge to do the new colors. I hope this project, below, keeps me off the idea of doing a crab again.

I wanted to start on this bear, the Garcia bear, made in honor of Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead. It is advertised as being tie-dye.  David Susalla asked me to bead it (to add to its present worth of $19. on Ebay)and I just did not feel up to starting in on some one's loved pet so I am doing a small one  to learn the best way to go. I wanted to photograph the bear in his original colors and then there was this attack on the photo shoot set-up. Tomorrow I will show you the practice bear.