Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How is this for being appropriate? Bring on the clowns. It is election day! and I finished this last night. All the time I worked on it I hated the eyes so at the end of the job I took some time to find the best ones. Somehow a red-eyed clown felt like he was a drunk. I really wanted to use some small glass stars in gold but could not find them anywhere. These were also used on the seahorse and I think I have no more. Time to make up a new order.
At the Holiday Bead Extravaganza Lena bought five of my stars but needed to have one a different size so now I am making stars. When I get a special order I lose all my self-confidence. I am unable to made just the one that was ordered, but need to make several in different sizes and bead colors to make sure the customer gets exactly what she wants.
Today I found out that of the swags / tree chains mine was the first to go. Now Vicki wants to make a tree of swags for the Festival of Trees. Good thing I had so many crystal beads left over from the "Edge of the Cloud" piece.
Saturday when they called from the gallery asking for more Christmas tree earrings I wondered why I had so many tucked away. That was not like me but I was happy to be able to supply them. Today I found out why I had stashed those tree earrings. I had them listed on Etsy and today one pair sold. I hope the customer will give me the weekend to either get a new pair made or find a pair yet unsold in the gallery.
Sunday, when I went in to pick up the snowman piece, to get it ready to send to Fire Mountain, a friend came in and started shopping. We were having so much fun trying necklaces on her, making choices, running back and forth, it was only when I got home did I realize my left knee was not enjoying the day as much as I was. Hobbling around with a cane now. Happy to sit and bead instead of taking out the garbage.