Monday, November 19, 2012

For waiting for photos you get two today. That sounds like an equation in algebra.  I wanted to record how close the colors on the backside are to the beads. I am using Preciosa's copper-lined clear and the slight pinkish, brownish hue is exactly right. Also that right arm has almost no color changes in it at all. Hm. . . I may have to invent a tye-dye pattern. Because the left arm was in such a dark green, I decided to ignore reality and go with this lovely olive green that I love. On the top of each bead is deep gold glow spot. I have been mixing Preciosa 11s with other size 11 from Dynamite and the smaller Preciosa bead is much better in the way the beads nestle together. The bigger beads crowd and pop up no matter how carefully I place the rows.

Having done the back of the head, it now holds up properly and the bear looks a lot more intelligent. You can barely see the Jerry Garcia hair-do. That happened by accident. When I got to the top of the head, I had started beading at the neck, there was a gap where the rows did not meet. It was so hard to get the needle in and out between the ears I was at my wit's end. Then I turned to my old technique of the three-bead picot and while searching for a color, I remembered the photos of Garcia in his later years when his hair had gone white.