Friday, November 2, 2012

Here is the Ronald McDonald clown bear that I am practicing on. Only as I finished the head did I see his nose is not on straight after I had covered with red beads! That ugly rubber stripe down his tummy is, I think, supposed to be a neck tie. Will make a real beaded one and try to get that ugly stuff covered with yellow beads. The clown picture on his chest is vinyl and ugly so I am thinking of beading a frame around it. This is from the 2005 series and the natural world had passed away.
Stopped by the gallery yesterday where Barbara and Vicki were making great progress. However when I got out the camera there were mild screams of "We aren't ready yet." so I put it away and got no work in progress photos for you.
Does the lack of a mouth on these Beanie Babies bother you? Ah, you have other things to worry about.