Sunday, November 4, 2012

Here is Barbara Fast inviting  you in to see the show "Holiday Bead Extravaganza." She is even holding out a glass of wine for you. Behind her you can see the new case we got to display our jewely in. One probablem - my necklaces are so thick, so full of stuff that they can barely get the glass doors to open and shut. One necklace had to be displayed elsewhere.
Here is just one side of the show.You can see the Christmas tree that has my stars on it. Under it are all my beaded animals. The beaded swags on the tree were made by members of our bead group. We are donating all the profits from them to the local Theater. The event was well attended and I had several sales. In fact in the morning before the show officially opened Brenda called to say all my beaded Christmas earrings had sold and did I have more and could I bring them? While we talked a woman bought and paid for a pair that was still in my house. I got to meet her in the evening and she had brought a friend who also bought a pair. Even though there were stars and star pins, as well as all the suncatchers on the tree, people missed the net and asked where it was.