Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I am slowly getting rid of that terrible pink! It took a couple of tries before I found the best purple for the pants. One that looked perfect in the tube was too gray next to the yellow and another kind of beads proved too big. I really do like the Preciosa beads. This color gives the feeling of tweed which I find very good. With the rows of beads it seems like tweed corduroy.
Yesterday I revamped my Etsy site. I took down all the jewelry and posted as many of the animals as I could. Have more to do. I also realized that I have not done big photos for many of the latest ones. I tried to photograph them but the sun comes in at such a slant I have about 15 minutes of good light. As Vicki pointed out, it is good to post a new page or two each day, to catch people watching the new items. However, I wanted the page to feel Christmas-like with all the animals and it does.
I had sent some of the guardian angel project boxes to Caran and she was inspired to do some of her own. That excites me very much! She seemed pleased with my angels so I am eager to see what she does.