Monday, May 17, 2010

With the bead pillar completed I am back to embellishing the twigs. I have the silver and the blue twigs done and am working on the green ones (which looks very aqua here!). Am really enjoying the peyote strips and love the way they look on the twigs. This is such mindless work - just what I need after doing Lynx and on a rainy day! Also it feels so good to not be making jewelry! I have even been able to stop my bead crocheting addiction!
I found out the committee for the Art in the Redwoods show at Gualala Arts was unable to make a bead category so I am debating whether to consider this twiggy beady thing as a 'sculpture' or 'ornamentation.' That decision is all a long way off and I have many hours of beading before I even know if the idea is worthy of being shown - but I have so much hope that this could at least interest me for awhile!
Keep tuned and do feed the fish. They seem even more hungry today. . .