Sunday, May 2, 2010

Arbel Shemesh, at Fire Mountain is so good about tracking where they use the images of my work! Just yesterday I got PolymerCAFE, a magazine I had not seen that had this necklace of mine on the back cover! Loved reading the zine and am thinking of getting my polyclays out again. First I have to do the job, a bead pillar, for a commission. I find myself putting it off as I tell myself I need a day with no irritations and plenty of time to start it - to get it started right.
Yesterday, after finishing my fight with (done the book is in proof) I went back to bead crocheting. Later in the evening I noticed that in my order were more pearls and that I could do some of the "Tudor" bracelets Sue of Legendary Beads had taught us. But to my amazement - both attempts failed. I have often felt that when I get started on a project, and do several versions, I will stick with it until it fails and then I give up to do only what my inner self has for me to be doing. I went back to bead crocheting to wind down the evening.