Friday, May 14, 2010

Part of my silence is because I am working on this pillar of beads (and on Lynx). I am having a terrible time getting the strands all to hang the same length. Laid out on the desk the strand of beads is one length and when they are hung there are differences. A couple of times I caught the crystal drops slipping out of the taped position (I taped over plastic not to mar the crystals and they slipped out of the plastic pocket). I thought I got them fixed but when I hang the thing there are slight differences.

However they do not seem to bother Buddha or else he simply finds the problem boring. Since the photos I have gotten all 16 stands on and the middle focal point, but I need a time when my self-esteem can take the jolt of not seeing the ends even - still! When the sunshines on the crystals they make a lovely pattern of rainbows. Am wondering if the folks would conside putting a pile of white sand under the work. That would get Buddha's interest!