Monday, May 3, 2010

As you can see, it has been a productive weekend! However, the bracelet I find the most exciting is the one in progress at the bottom. (how new is that idea?) I love how I finally got the color progressions to work. I feel this is a pattern I can explore for a time.

So far I am using a crochet thread so only 6s fit on to it. My supply of that size is getting reduced so I may have to start using the Nemo threads so I can have 8s and even 11s. I have a lot more colors in thoses sizes. Still, I feel this patterning is so good that I can stay with it when I have more colors. With some effort I should be able to do a diamond pattern and it will really look like snake skin!

You can see that on a couple of the dark ones I tried adding some really big beads and that worked okay if I added smaller beads between the rows to stablize the big ones into place.
I usually do not wear much of the jewelry that I make, but this bracelet is so comfortable and so easy to slip on and off. The one bracelet that I do often wear is one made by Grace from the Beads of Life project in Africa that is done with the stretchy cord. It is so easy to get on and off. I am thinking that these crocheted bracelets will be like Grace's - easy to wear. Now to find someplace to go to try out the theory!