Monday, May 31, 2010

Looking at this close-up of the branch tie-on I can see where my mistake came. I had measured to see how long a strip of beads I needed to cover this. Just before I sewed the strip together in place, I remembered I wanted to enforce the connection with duct tape.

So I did and that closed up that little gap between the branches that I can see in this photo today. Now the beaded strip has to have a couple of rows torn out. Maybe I was tired last night, maybe I really hate to rip out, or the visit with Sheree made me think of new projects: suddenly I was very weary of this work and had no desire to finish it. My heart was willing to cover more branches but adding the connective chunks did not interest me. Maybe they should not be part of the piece?

So much of making 'art' is a process of listening to inner voices. One of mine is going to have to speak up and say, "Hey, adding those colored branches is absolutely necessary to the work." or I am about to cut them down.