Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In my desperate search for more beads to crochet, I tried crocheting the Nymo thread and I found out I was not as skilled as the crochet thread had led me to believe! I was suddenly back to making bunches of ugly grapes! However, I discovered that the crochet thread I had bought last weekend is thinner than the Stringth I was using originally so I can get 8s on to it. This opened up a whole new color palette and the possibility of mixing 6s with 8s (as accidentally happened here). Now so now I have lots of colors that will keep me sane until the bead order arrives.

This is so much fun and such a joy to do I am wondering what else I can use this stitch to make. Otherwise I see an endless stream of circle bracelets in my future.

Even the cat is happy with this new bead technique as now he can sit on my lap instead of my shoulder as he has to do when the bead tray takes over his place. Don't forget to feed the fish! We have to keep our animals happy!