Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Unwon Entry

Found out yesterday that Bead Star had picked the finalists and my entry was not among them. Yes, it is a blow to the old ego, not so much that 'my work' was not chosen but that I could not second guess the judges on what constituted a 'worthy' piece of jewelry. That really bothers me! Why did they pick so many examples of the 'same old - same old' and why did they not find this one interesting?

One can never know. That is the problem with judging and jurying. Rarely can one know why the work failed to grab the attention of a judge. Sometimes by looking at the pieces picked one can deduce why one's own piece did not fit in. Sometimes that is a comfort, and other times it means, one (me!) needs to go back to the drawing board and try something new. Or maybe the work belongs in another contest? Questions that only the beads can answer!

However, Bead Star does offer all of us the chance to vote for the winners and I hope you will go to the web site ( and cast your votes in all the categories!
Watching "Little Miss Sunshine"helps!