Friday, May 28, 2010

Got the first of the silver/white coverings on a twig. I started another strip that is even longer but as I look at the branches as a mass I am feeling that shorter sections of beads will be more interesting. That will leave more of the twig to show and the spaces between the white/silver will form its own pattern. Will finish the one I have started, but I think that it will be the longest one I will have.
I am enjoying living with the piece. Perhaps I am too easily entertained, but I get great joy and pleasure just letting my eyes rove over the piece. I do feel I need lots of white areas to balance the color. I only have less than one-half a pound of the 8s left but I do have almost a whole pound of the 6s. I had planned to use the 6s at the top where the branch is about wrist-thick. Just looking at the piece, one is not conscious of the different size of beads. Perhaps I could use more of the bigger beads on the branches? It would certainly make the work go faster but to tell the truth I am not very interested in that. I am greatly enjoying making these peyote strips and sewing them together on the branches is not that hard to do.
I am still thinking of how to hang the work. Should the top be straight? or should the branches hang down straight? Both is not possible. Should there be beads on the wires going from the wood to the hanging hook?
I have had thoughts of doing these strips on a living tree. Then there would be no hanging problems! Hmmm. Have been having so many mad/mad thoughts this week. I shudder to think of the things I might do if I had more energy! An apple orchard! In pink and white! All year around the lovely colors of blossoms! Back to the safety of my chair and the long needle. . .