Thursday, April 15, 2010

There were this many of the coin-shaped glass beads left in the package after making three bracelets, so I used them up in this necklace. The little florets do not make a harebell, but still are used. I want to try to make a Lily of the Valley 'thingie' but do not have the idea firmly in mind. Am not eager to make many of these tiny flowers as my hand seemed to get cramped holding such small bits of beading.
Got the entry for the Gemstone Contest at Fire Mountain sent off, and the Beadstar entry was sent by email (love that system of entering a contest - FM should take note!) so I am feeling empty and relieved but already the weekend's demands are moving in on me leaving no room for beading ideas.
At Saturday's beading meeting a woman is coming from Legendary beads to teach us a bracelet called "Tudor" so maybe that will be the new inspiration I am looking for. Have to go dig up pearls and crystals.