Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I finished off the bracelet done in the class (at the top above) and instead of using more crystals at the junction of lacy loops, I used three green 11s to give a feeling of leaves. I am pleased with the idea of using pearls instead of beaded beads made of crystals for the 'button' as two glass pearls are cheaper than 12 crystals.
I then made the bracelet again on my own using some bigger (7mm?) pearls I had on hand and using 6mm round crystals instead of bicones. Since I am dyslexic and the two-needle process got rather confusing for me, I embellished all the squares from right to left and then went back up the bracelet passing through the cross-over bead (in my case an 8 so it was easy to see) with one 11, one crystal, one 11 on the needle for each pass. For me, this speeded up the embellishing a lot and avoided crossed threads. Here I used the crystals on the lacy outside edge which certainly gives a finished look.
Then, because I have so many of these pink beads, I tried a different combination. Since the embellishing beads are so big they 'bump up' more and make the bracelet seem bigger and higher as well as curving it since they are too fat. For that reason the holes show more with this method. If I get a bunch of crystal bicones, I may take off these beads and replace them. I used three pink 11s at the junctures of the lacy edge and will keep that even if I replace the big oval beads.
Crystals really don't scan well! Too much light bouncing around in them, I guess.