Friday, April 9, 2010

"And the Stockings Were Hung"


Good news! I got a phone call from Sue at Fire Mountain that two of my entries in their seed bead contest are finalists. Wow! I am so jazzed I can hardly think. Need to check over everything to make sure all the knots are holding and all the tails are woven in. That will take a bit of time as the fireplace has lots of things attached to it. Eager to get to it and to get this small job done as it is not one of my favorites - which is why it is left until the piece is picked! The hardest thing will be to know when to stop with the piece. It is always a temptation to add something new or better or try out another idea.
I finished the pendragon cuff with the turquoise last night and did another one in blues with 11s that makes the points larger and I think, in better proportion so that the small fringe beads are okay. Will have to wait to finish it, so will wait to show it to you when it is done.