Friday, April 16, 2010

I started to try the bracelet in the Feb / March Beadwork, "Lavender Lattice" by Hortense E. Thompson and while looking at the picture I decided I did not really like the 'netting' between the 'centerpieces,' so while trying to make them, I just continued to make a line of centers and discovered it was the old method of making a RAW square and embellishing it. That was so easy I made all of these in short time. The one to the left has purple fire-polished round crystals, the middle one has Swarovski rondelles with the little glass florets to hold it upright. The one to the right has a base of small (4 mm?) pink squares with diagonal holes and glass pearls as embellishment. When I tightened up the embellished side the bracelet began to twist (natural enough) so I embellished the backside also which made the twist even better!
When I sat down to bead I was in a really foul mood. I was completely angry with a person to whom I had no intention of displaying my feelings. So they came out in these two bracelets. After I got them done, I settled down and did the pink ones. I feel the bracelets and their colors reveal the transformation of anger (toward a person) into love (for beading!). I had a bunch of these red rounded glass cones and they did the RAW very well. Some people have said they really liked black so I put the black and red together for them - and my angry self.