Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I must be feeling better! I was able to follow instructions long enough to make these samples. The green and pink ones are from "Modern Vintage" on page 58 of the April / May Beadwork and the red and pink is from "Fire Flower Bracelet" on page 44 -45. Though I only made one, the "Fire Flower" is most interesting to do and it was very easy. I love how it flips and the beginning slips up into the backside. Am eager to try it again with a better color combination.
I also did "Spring Blossoms" on page 24 and again found the flower easy and quick to make. I did not like the way the leaf was made with peyote stitch and want to redo it with a brick stitch before I show it to you. The flower thing is cute but very small. Still I could see many of them, sort of like harebells, on a stem.
Don't forget to feed the fish! Point your cursor in the green pond and click to drop food into the water. Move your mouse and watch the fish follow you!