Thursday, April 29, 2010

The instruction books said it would be like this. Once you learn bead crocheting you will be hooked. Am now looking for rehab facilities. . .
Above is the first bracelet, lumpy and raggedity. I am amazed how comfortable it it to put on and off and to wear. There is enough of a stretch in it to not need any findings. Hooray I say.
Then comes the next one that is not connected. The thread ran out at that size and I think it would easily fit someone with a smaller wrist. And suddenly I understand why Erin said she had a whole bunch of crocheted bracelets that were unconnected! I do need to practice making that step.
But in the meantime I have another sample going with a bunch of left-over beads. I found it is best for me to load the beads in a pattern so each row is one color. That way I can see better if I have missed a stitch or doubled up an addition and rip it out before I get farther along. My hands were less cramped after this excersize today. I do need a new hook. I have to keep bending this one back into shape as it warms up in my hands and when I put pressure on it to reach that tiny hidden loop it bends over. Also it turns my hands and thread black.
Hoping to get to town today to buy a better hook and thinking that instead of using this Stringth I can find some normal crochet thread to use. Maybe black? Erin had a bracelet made with black and I am still struggling with the need to copy everything she did.