Monday, February 2, 2015

Here is a hat made from the wool B. brought me from Iceland last week. On the loom is the next hat made in the other color she brought me. I am getting better with working on the loom (I can say after undoing 5 or 6 earlier versions!). Last night, while watching something else on YouTube, I found a new way to hold the yarn so it does not unwind. I feel quite smart today and it goes faster. I never could knit a round object this completely and evenly without the loom. So these looms are good for children AND old women!
Last Friday I finally got the bloom loom from China via Amazon. It smelled so moldy I threw away the instructions and box. I washed the plastic parts in a Clorox solution and dried them in the sun. Now they are okay. I am eager to try them. That is why last night I was watching tutorials on YouTube. All of this is so much easier on my old eyes. I even noticed that I missed some dusty places around the house that I did not see last week! That is good too!