Friday, January 30, 2015

To be fair and correct I need to show you the newest Hello Kitty. She is smaller than the previous version. This one also has the identifying ribbon by the ear. I am out of white yarn that I want to make a new dolly, too.
Underneath the chair I show the bakery haul. I have been crocheting foodstuffs (am I that hungry on my diet?) along with the butterflies.  Today I want to make new boots for Kitty, the girl. I need that pale yellow yarn now on her feet for Oreo cookies and I think red would be a better color to carry out the bright colors of her clothes and hair.
On this version of Hello Kitty I doubled the threads on the whiskers and feel that looks so much better. Seeing this photo I see how necessary the red boots are. Her feet here look to be part of the bakery stuff!
If this computer program would allow it, I would whack off the top and bottom of the photo to fit the interest area better. No such luck! Time to return to crocheting. I am getting angry with the computer!