Monday, February 16, 2015

The stack of squares for the afghan continue to pile up.  The bluish hues tell you I took the photo before the sun got close enough for a golden shot. I am enjoying seeing how the patches get better as I repeat them. That encourages me. I am at least capable of learning!

 I almost forgot to show you the newest animal from the Hello Kitty crochet book. This is Sugarbunny with his Oreo cookies. He is so fat he has no legs - just feet. I do love the animal eyes. In all my doll-making I have never had them but getting 50 from Amazon keeps me making the beasts just to add the eyes. While making the ears I tried and tried to embroiderer the pink inside and it just did not work. Finally I got the idea of crocheting the patch of pink and sewing that in. That worked great.