Friday, February 13, 2015

The yarn came from Amazon just in time for me to want to do an afghan in the popcorn flower pattern. This stoke of luck made sure that I had enough green (sage green on the cone) to do the whole piece in one color. The yellow cone assures me that that color too will be a match. I have so many different yellows that I could not match them even at my best. I feel so rich with the white cone and its matching greens and yellows. The flower is rather hard to make as it is so tight to get the 8 petals on on the magic circle middle, but I am getting better at the job. I am open to seeing how many squares I can make before I either get tired of them, have too many hand cramps or want to start another dolly.

Yesterday Werner suggested Jenny may want to listen to some music when she is alone in the night. I looked everywhere for my ear-buds. I found the case where they should be but it was empty. So I loaned her my extra headphones. I think she looks happier.