Monday, February 9, 2015

I have been working (crocheting) on my entry in the May "celebration of home" show at Gualala over this stormy weekend. I have done the Hello Kitty twice. The first one was too big. I am trying to break up the blackness of the strap without giving up and tucking it underneath. I feel I need a hint of it for the realism but I wish I had known that some strollers have a pink belt.
The stroller was delivered by UPS during the storm on Thursday so in the journey from the truck to the house the box got so wet I had to open it to get things inside to drying. That got me jump started with seeing how everything fit together. 
This pillow I had planned to use turned out to be ugly and the flower granny squares, though colorful showed up too amateurish so I redid the pillow with white popcorn flowers. I am very happy with the new flowers. I plan to cover this and put it away but we will see if I get new ideas before May.