Friday, February 20, 2015

While watching You Tube I saw how to make this tiny turtle and in my usual way, had to do it, also.  I am enjoying this phase of craziness. How else would such a tiny turtle come into my life? It would be perfect for a key chain and I have gobs of rings for them left from beading projects. . .
I so easily get enthused about a project and then when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of  making the things I run out of energy to follow my flying heart. By the time I have a new day and its dose of energy, something else has captured my attention.
Maybe the Universe is giving me a message about this, though. Yesterday a package with two balls of green used on the turtle body arrived. I had forgotten I had ordered that weird green. Maybe this is why?
Also in the mail, I had bought a doll on eBay not really knowing its size. It turned out much smaller than I thought so I will not be going down that road! Thankfully I only paid $4. for it so that part feels okay. I am crocheting a body for the body parts. Soon I can show what is keeping me from the turtles! a key chain baby?