Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You can count Claude the Crab's legs but there is one more! Last night I did one of the back legs (I think the one with the yellow spot) and it looked so bad after it was finished that I celebrated the midnight hour by taking it out. That means I have done three legs and still have eight to go. Math was never my best subject.
I had gotten a box of my latest auction wins on Ebay ($15.01 for 50 animals) and was very tempted several times to toss this crabby crab aside and dig into the many new animals. Chocolate the Moose and the raccoon bear call to me as surely as chocolate can call me from the fridge.
I reclaimed my cedar chest (Werner had used it to store kindling) and have put all my animals in it. How good to find them smelling of cedar instead of the various homes where the packages had been stored.