Sunday, October 14, 2012

So you can see the remake. I took out the fuzzy white stuff on the face and redid it with just rows. This allowed me to remake the nose and mouth to make them more prominent. I still find that white area too big so am tempted to take out the edges to make it smaller. At the last moment I decided to do the tummy in pink - an attempt to add importance to the nose. This morning I had the idea of putting a bunch of roses in its hands. The original had the hands sewn together which would cover up some of the expanse of that belly but if there are roses, they would get in the way of the face. Maybe just roses in the left hand? I see I am not completely done with this as I thought I was last night. Also those whiskers need some wire in them to cure the droop.
It was handy to photograph the seahorse in a box to get him to stand up. The glass chips, as mane, make him top-heavy at this point. You can almost see the tiny nostrils I added. I am still thinking of making him part dragon.
These are the acrylic boxes I got to  hold  all the finished animals. I have them in three sizes.I feel they are well worth the cost to keep the animals dust-free and to give them a cared-for feeling.