Tuesday, October 9, 2012

With the last bit of sunshine I finished the squid. The legs/tentacles turned out better than I had hoped. It was certainly a lot easier to do the tubes in my lap and then add them. I had some crystal roundels that worked well as toes. or at least closures. I have not yet found a neat way to make the Russian spiral come to points (what I would have preferred). I was pleased that those tiny glass daggers fell into my hands as I was searching for eyes and they make great eyelashes. This beast does not have much else going for it but the eyes. I am also pleased at how the colors of the original come through the transparent beads. I think I was moving so fast last night I failed to really look at and enjoy all this little creature taught me.Thank goodness that edge of pink beads under the skirt show up.

In looking through my latest auction win from Ebay I found this "Lavender Bunny." I had not see this before so immediately wanted to try it out. The weird pinkish color is a different fabric than the Beanie Babies usually use. It is smooth and has a tiny print in it. I love tea-stained dolls but this fake simply does not do it for me. The paws and cheeks are done with the normal Beanie Baby fabric. It is a lot easier to sew through than the smooth fabric. However I must say the head is marvelous and is sewed on crooked so the animal has a lively sense. I was relieved to see that in ordering all those pounds of Preciosa beads there was this kind in lavender. The beads are each different in the amount of color in them. It looks like the kettle of color was not stirred enough. It gives a super mottled look that is perfect for this bunny. I had to try out some tan pearls to see how they work and so far so good.