Friday, October 26, 2012

Last night I was so tired from too much typing that I felt I simply could not go on with the crab. I had three more of the legs done but that done was done so poorly I found myself reading instead of beading. However beading relaxes and restores me while often reading lets me lie down but whips up my mind. So I reached blindly (the sun had set and I was too lazy to turn on another light) into the box of new animals and my hand found this lizard. It was copyrighted in 1993 but used in the 1996 collection. I had not seen it before so was glad to start a new animal and even more happy to find it so straight forward to bead. I found the colors on the original to be totally weird so that gave me incentive to change them with beads. I had a lovely evening working on this and was so clear and rested that this morning I saw in my mind how to get the tops of the crab's legs done. I really hate to 'give up' on an animal, so I was relieved to find out that I only need a change to open me up to the solution. Next time I will not waste time with calling myself "Quitter," and a few other choice names.