Monday, October 22, 2012

A Monday morning and I am in serious catch-up mode. Saturday I did make it to the Beads N' Beyond meeting, mostly because I wanted to be there for Barbara Fast and to get in on her project of making bead garlands for the Holiday Bead Extravaganza at CHAC. Since I was able to pick up the work "On the Edge of a Cloud" from Gualala Arts Center and strip off the beads, I had lots to work with. However someone had purchased these silverish stars so when the meeting was over and no one else had taken or used them, I globbed on to them. Saturday evening was given over to stringing beads. At the meeting I had done one garland and wondered why it took so long to do. Was talking slowing me down that much? At home I figured it out! When I string beads like this I use one of those big-eyed 4 inch needles. It is so much easier to scoop up a bead on the flexible needle than to pick up each bead, turning it while searching for the hole and trying to noodle the fish line through it. I wished, afterwards, that I had photographed the garlands others were making. Theirs were colorful far beyond just green and red. Will try to remember to photograph the display so you can see them all.