Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Lavender Rabbit is hopping right along. The tiny tail makes a perfect brace to make it sit securely. Somehow the head never feels 'rabbit-like' enough. It will catch my eye and I will think 'donkey.' Perhaps the political scene is too much with me.
Am finally getting up my courage and steam to do the seahorse. I do not think it will be easy or wise to make a dragon out of it. I looked at the dragons the Ty Company made and they were so scary I lost my courage. I am eager to use the clear 11s to let the colors shine through and to put the glass chips on as scales to make a funky sea horse. We will see what the animal wants to be.
Dare I admit it? I won another auction at eBay yesterday so a new box of 50 more are on their way. . .