Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How is this for a rest for your eyes from looking at too many of my animals? Sus, David Susalla, the Director of Gualala Arts Center, was part of a delegation that took a trip to Russia to celebrate the founding of Fort Ross (just down the coast from us). In a museum in Russia he snapped these photos of beadwork which his wife Harmony forwarded to me with the comment that my work, too, should be in a museum, Is there a museum in USA for beaded works? I found it interesting that all three pieces used the same diamond pattern with hex-cut beads. . .
Decided to answer my own question and found the Washington DC Bead Museum closed in 2008. The Glendale AZ Bead Museum closed recently (beautiful building) and gave their collection to the San Diego's  Mingei International Collection. It looks as if they only collect "historical" beads - nothing contemporary.