Tuesday, October 2, 2012

This is probably not the last photo of stars you will have to look at for a few weeks but I will give your eyes a rest. When I got these closed and with crystals and hanger added I cleared the mess away to starte on this necklace which I had been putting off finishing since last winter. It is always hard for me to completely stop a series. I often leave the last one unfinished with the hope that I will return with new and better ideas later.
It felt so good to be doing one of these again. There is so much potential in them. I really enjoy watching things come to my hands asking to be in the necklace. Perhaps the fact that The Dolphin in Gualala sold two of them last month will get me back to doing them.

With that done far too quickly, I started on the star pins. I have about ten of these cut out and ready to go. It could be the new Preciosa beads, and their gorgeous colors will keep me going on these.

However Vicki called that the new order is in and she will bring it when she and Tom bring the new display case she and I bought for CHAC. We will store it here until the gallery is ready for it.