Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Still stars but with a lot more color! I had forgotten how I love doing these. The colors, and their combinations, feed something very deep within me. I must have some need to share them. In my baby book my Mother wrote that when I was four I was asked what I wanted to do when I grew up. My answer: To show the whole world the rainbow in my heart. When I make these I feel I am coming closest to that goal.
Vicki did deliver the order and even the three pounds of white beads does not move me to stop these. Will do a few more before I go back to the animals. I got an Etsy order for a lizard bracelet. Will check on the weekend to see if it is still at CHAC. If not, I will be making a lizard bracelet before I get back on track.
PS From the photo you can see at what point I glue the backs on the pins. Everything up to this stage is done on a single piece of Ultra-suede. When I get to the points of the stars I glue the cardboard stiffening and the back piece of Ultra-suede with the pin back set inside. True one cannot get the needle up and down through the work any more but the grade of Ultra-suede I use (upholstery) is thick enough and the glue is not placed in the points so I can slide the needle along the cardboard.