Sunday, July 29, 2012

You can see here how differently the grass-green beads look when they are sewed to light yellow (on the face which is the same as the tail) and the under orange of the body. Maybe I can blame this phenomena for my inability to find the right colors.
I am continually surprised how many beads these babies take. I ended up with three green beads when I got those areas replaced.
I was still debating whether I "had" to cut out the red fin beads when Werner walked by and almost without looking and without pausing, said, "That red is too dark."
It was good that I removed them as I found a new way of sewing the beads down so the rows look more like the spines in fins.
Today I need to pick a 'tail' color. At the moment I am thinking of either a greenish blue or bright yellow as is on the front fin as trial. Suddenly those completely brown animals are looking more attractive! At least they would be easier to figure out the color combinations since my color sense seems to be in meltdown.