Saturday, July 28, 2012

After unloading and unpacking my stuff from the vacation with B and Dorje, my first job on Tuesday was to check my email. To my utter delight someone had bought and already paid for two suncatchers on Etsy a week ago. Fine. My plan was that when I get off the computer I will dig them out from the boxes of things posted on Etsy. However, in the afternoon when I finally got my tired body out to the boxes there were no suncatchers in them. Panic. This was my worst nightmare! Having someone pay for something I could no longer locate reopened the trauma of having lost a library book in the third grade.
I fussed and stupidly revisited old fears all night. I had begun to suspect that in my eagerness to bring lots of things to the CHAC gallery I broke my own rule and had taken them there. I could only see if this was so, if one or both were still unsold, on Friday when the gallery opened again. In the morning I was determined to confess and offer the lady a complete return of her money.

I actually woke early to get this job off my soul. Surprise! no Internet connection. Even after the cable company said they got their part of the problem fixed I had no connection. Many phone calls with instruction to do this or that did not help. They would have to send out a guy with a new modem on Thursday. I ached with the need to send out an email.
Only good news on this day. It was not my modem (saving $75) but the cable company's problem which they fixed and now my service is up to speed again. I immediately sent an email to the lady and offered to refund her money. I was so ashamed of my flakiness! To my surprise she said she really wanted the suncatchers and would accept substitutes.
Yesterday I could finally call Rose at the gallery and one suncatcher was still there. So I went in, took in the new batch of animals, and got the star-chain suncatcher on the right. I picked up the center one to send as apology and thank-you and then last night, using a photo taken from the Etsy site, duplicated the one on the left. So Linda, here are your suncatchers! I will pack them up over the weekend and Tuesday when we go to town, we will mail these off to you.