Sunday, July 1, 2012

Well, what a difference a couple days beading make! I am surprised how the stiffening effect of the beads changes the shape of the animal. Here those soft sides and little legs are elongating. This process underlines, I think, the validity of the original design. I almost have the feeling, in looking at this scan, that one can begin to see the difference between the matt beads and the shiny ones on the ruff and under chin. I am eager to get to the underbelly because I see it hangs down and will show up against the legs. At one point I felt the tail was too big and should be more slender, but seeing the head and the tail flat in the scanner, I see the proportion and balance is perfect. Today's big decision: Do I add claws to those toes? If so, with what? Tiny bugles? I think midnight stopped me at the right point last night and gave me time to think. Maybe by the time I do the other side I will have gotten the message from Iggy of what he wants on his paws, feet, pads? What do iguanas walk on?