Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I hated to see the last bead go on this one. I really enjoyed beading Iggy. The sun came out the wind blew and the world was a perfect iguana. I see I have photoshop corrections to make or else I will have to redo his portrait today. The steep slope of the summer sun really cuts into the area of light I need.
It is an interesting process how I pick the next animal. Sometimes I think ahead as I finish one animal and have ideas that need a certain new beast. Yesterday I was thinking of doing the Blue Jay as my eyes were tired of all that green. But as I ran my hands over the packages I was surprised to find myself picking up the cocker spaniel. He has fluffy furry ears and I think I was attracted to the softness. Got most of his head done last night and again I was delighted and amazed how well his head was shaped, cut and sewn. These little McDonalds animals are so much more interesting than the beanie bears.

Today Harmony sent me a link to the bead work of David Chatt and have had my mind exploded into a million beaded pieces. I had been feeling that beading the animals was not 'original' enough - that I should be creating the animal as well as beading it. Then the Universe sent me Harmony and I am happy again!