Thursday, July 26, 2012

One day without internet access and I was nuts. Today two guys came and found the trouble was out on the lines and that explained why my access has been getting slower and slower. It also meant that I had no charges and did not need to shell out $75 for a new modem. The other good news was I got a lot of beading done. Both sides of the fish are this far along. I found the original colors too cutesy and now when I see this I am wondering if I have gone too dark - over-reacted. I feel I will only know when I get the piece done. While talking with B. she encouraged me to bead 'totem' animals feeling that they would be important enough for a buyer to pay what all this hand-sewing is worth. My buyers may have some other good news. As I do more of these I am learning new ways and methods and I feel each beaded animal is an improvement over previous ones. That means I can lower the prices on some that I find less successful than others. Also in a call with Sharon she told me of the excitement at The Dolphin when she found the animals on her first shift this week. She said people crowded around and raved about the pelican. Julia Gerlach, editor of Bead and Button decided to use the picture of the rooster instead of my photo on the online project. I find that a much better use of photography.