Friday, January 30, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I got a message from Arbel at Fire Mountain Beads asking if I would send them the necklace "To Jane from Tarzan" to be photographed for advertising purposes. It had been one of my entries in the Fire Mountain Bead Contest last year. So that is a good way to show them what you can do!

He also asked if I had other similar necklaces.Suddenly I was sorry I had sold, at such low prices, so many of my necklaces at the Christmas fairs!

Thank goodness I had felt "Lily" was too special to sell and kept it. Here is a scan of it that I sent in and was invited to include it with the "Tarzan" necklace.

May I say my feet did not touch the ground for days? But I could not write about it all in here - I felt something could go wrong. Then the other day Arbel wrote that both necklaces had arrived and they were scheduled to be photographed next Thursday. Smile pretty, kids and make me look good!