Saturday, January 10, 2009

Werner's ERCP went very well this time, and they got the stent out without more damage. Thus, by Friday he was up and raring to get home. He was even well enough to allow me a stop at Tap Plastics to get the pipes for hanging the haiku book. While they smoothed the edges so I could glue cabochons on the edge, I shopped.
Found great organizer boxes for the embellishing beads that lock closed. I had been using freebies from the Sculpy Super Store but not being able to design the size of the bins meant I had mixed some beads and bead colors in order to get them all in.
What a great time I had in the evening as I reorganized (and found more) embellishing beads. Werner said it looked like Christmas all over again.
The impression was reinforced because I was also able to have 45 minutes in Legendary Beads. One of my very few complaints about Fire Mountain is that their selection of 8s is so measly. I had tried to order the hex-cut 8s I wanted from Caravan Beads. The order came through okay and I was delighted to see that all the colors I could get at Legendary Beads was available online. What did not please me was to see that for the price I would get a normal-sized tube, at Caravan Beads I got 1/2 sized vials. I was so enraged at this over-charging that I simply sent the complete order back.
I actually felt relieved to see the prices on the tubes at Legendary were what I had expected. I had had the thought that maybe the hex-cuts had doubled in price without my knowing it.
Werner had turned me lose with the admonishment to do my birthday shopping so I splurged on several of vials that were in the $8 -9 range. Lovely muted strong colors of golds, magenta and ruby. Also got more pinks in 11s. Then I just shopped by letting my eyes and attention go to those things they wanted. It was a surprise when I got home to see what I picked - several were focal beads in interesting stones. Have no idea what I plan to do as I have sworn off making jewelry!
It really was like Christmas here last night and we both had so much to be thankful for in the New Year.