Sunday, February 1, 2009

Friday night, or early Saturday morning, I finished sewing all the shells on the last of the three panels for the haiku book. Yesterday I felt so done with the project - feeling there was nothing more I wanted to do on it. Scared that the project, with so much money and time already in it would morph into a UFO, that I forced myself to begin a search for the right glue to attach the letters to the fabric. It needs to be slow setting, very strong, not stink, and waterproof in the rain.

There were a few shells left over that looked like limpets that had been glued together and the outer finish sanded away. They now have a deep luminosity like tigers eye that I found kind of fascinating. Sorry the scan does not capture the depth of the ray's colors.

So I got out my old Barges' glue to attach a row of peyote to begin a bezel, and there it was - just the glue I needed for the haiku book. I tried a test and naturally the back side is yellow and smooth - as if I had used rubber cement. But, with the second layer of fabric over the backside I am hoping it will not show. Also plan to get some acrylic paint and lighten the dried glue with that.
I had glue drying on the limpet beads and the test but still I missed actually beading so I got the tree back out and worked on parts of that just so I could be pulling a needle through a bead. I finished one accessory and then couldn't sleep and figured out several others. Need to make note of cat, mouse, ball, wagon. Am still trying to figure out how to bead square boxes. Surely someone has instructions on the 'net but I suppose I will make samples - maybe the right-angle weave?
So now today the house is clean, do I work on the panels by pasting the letters in place, or do the bezels (need the sunny afternoon to see the 15's) or make new parts for the tree? Sitting here will not get any of it done.