Friday, January 2, 2009

How appropriate, considering how this blog is going, that Sheree Wilcox, the woman who got me started in beads is coming over today for a visit that is nearly a year overdue (my fault - not hers).

It was in August, 2004, when I was at a very low point with a disappointment, that she came to my house loaded with beads and everything I needed to be inspired and to get started. I wish for every new beader such a blessing.

She is a shy but excellent beader. She works very tight and it is always a wake-up call for me to see how much good keeping tension on the thread can do for a piece! Sheree loves 15s and her work is always so delicate and perfect and yet her graciousness allows her to admire my things.

Sheree first taught me the peyote (pay-oh-tea) stitch and then wisely told me to make whatever the beads wanted me to make. This was the first thing I beaded.

Later I began to save all my beginning attempts on the cover of a sketch book. I had sewed white felt around the cover and then attached the samples and practice techniques.

When the sketchbook got full, I made a removable cover so I could slip the filled book out and this is the current cover.