Sunday, January 4, 2009

The deadline for registering for the "Judged by Your Peers" show was last Monday, but since there was still a big call to artists article in the paper, I assume they still need entries. I did get an email that it was okay with Jim to sneak in under the wire so I went ahead and tore the whole sculpture apart. I wish now I had photographed it before I did - AH! just did a search and found one!

The old version:

The newest version:

As you can see I used a new chair (bought for $2 at a yard sale). Before the plastic bead-filled heart was behind the chair (only a blue smudge in the first photo). I never liked the blue color of the silver beads so I opened that and put in white silver beads.

Do you have an idea what it is like to close two halves of that 'ball' and keep the beads in them? (secret: cover them with Saran wrap). Now that the heart looked so good I put it in front.

Sheree had commented that the piece needed a second color so I put a pale pink and silver on the head pins and rayed them around her back. I also reworked (recurled) the wired beads and made them look a bit more organized and important.
Somehow the lizards had gotten lost (probably recycled because I needed the beads in them). When I had cleaned after taking the Christmas tree down, I found one of the white birds behind the table, so I put that in instead of the lizard. I covered the beak with beads just to make it fit in as a beaded object. If I decide to make new lizards, I still have time before delivering the piece on Wednesday. If I could get the lizards to rear up and not be so flat I might reconsider having them in. Maybe with wire in them? . . .