Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Yes! I am in the show!

Finally reached Karen at Gualala Arts Center and found out that they had room in the show for one more work. Have already loaded the piece in the car - hoping it survives the many curves to town - and have my usual load of nervousness.
Added to that we leave tomorrow for Santa Rosa for Werner to have his surgery. Still need to pack things for that. And load the car. But first the trip to deliver ". . .Saturday Night." Why must I still get so excited about walking into a room with a boxful of my work and setting it down in front of others?
Last night, when I sat down to bead, I thought how glad I was to just have the the routine work of the trees. And then I began to think about a teddy bear. . .
Soon I was starting that. As I worked I kept wondering if the beads seemed so small because it was so late at night or if my eyes were just tired. As I gathered up the vials on the tray I realized I was doing the teddy bear in 15s. I only got the body made so hopefully this afternoon there will be better light and I can get the other parts done before we leave. I don't think I will take my beads, but will take crocheting as I can do that and watch TV. More stuff to gather up and load up.