Monday, January 5, 2009

I can imagine someone wondering what in the heck this is.
Let me explain:

I realized that I am going to be in Santa Rosa at the end of the week and I knew I had better be figuring out how to make the hanging equipment for the "Fog Haiku Book." I need acrylic rods 5 - 6 feet long that are stable enough to support up to ten pounds. I could order them from Tap Plastic but it would be better if I went to the store to touch and flex the rods before I have them cut.
I had made a model back when I began the project last May but was waiting to make the armature when I knew where the final work would be hung.
Last month Sus, Director of Gualala Arts Center, said I could have it in the entrance to the porch. I had hoped to be able to use the far corner of the porch - to the right of the entrance doors. Built into a corner the pages could swivel and be opened and closed like a book. But in summer the bar is stored in that place so that option is out. Actually the front of the porch is much more visible. It also gets more wind.
So I ordered several pounds of shells and am planning to sew those to the lower edge as weights that will hopefully keep the pages from tangling. That job will add another week or so of work to the project.
I had originally planned the work for a show about books, altered books, books as art scheduled for June. However with the Poetry & Art Exhibit's emphasis on Japan, it would be possible to show the work there in April. Suddenly April seems very close.
I still have to decide how long to make the pages. Originally I had planned on them being 13 feet long. The opening of the porch is 16 feet and I have enough material to make the pages 15 feet long, but I feel that is too long. Considering the size of the readers I feel 13 feet is about as high as one can look to read the words.
The letters of the words are 11 inches tall and I have those all done. I brick-stitched silver lined 6s - it took 6 1/2 pounds of beads.They spell out the haiku


above the river


with one line on a "page" of gauze.
Today Sue sent the notice of the next meeting of our bead group - Beads N' Beyond on the 17th and I am looking forward to sharing all my extras and 'no longer wanted' things at the Bead Bizarre Bazaar. Vickie will be teaching a technique to make clip-on earrings which is right down my alley on the way to delightful embellishing. I hold my nervous mind on the comfort of this meeting when I get overwhelmed with plans for the 'fog haiku book.'