Thursday, January 29, 2009

Was talking to Bambi, my daughter, on the phone and she was excited about how much she had been beading. My usual reply to 90% of what my kids tell me about - send photos. And she did! Here are three of the necklaces she made from our polyclay blitz in the last days of 2008.

I love this one! I like the combination of polyclay and bling. But most of all I love those square beads.To me they look like books - books that are under pressure. When she was making these beads I wanted to make some myself like them but there were so many ideas swirling around the tables I never got to it. This reminds me of what I still want to try as soon as I get the polyclay out again. Remind me!

Bambi loves green, and wears it well. When we were doing the polyclay Dorje seemed to be just putting weird colors together but all of a sudden we realized he had made perfect faux malachite! After we used up all he made Bambi and I tried to make more - sometimes it worked but usually we had to go back to using the colors he had combined originally. Here Bambi added one of the goddess images I made from a mold made from an old earring.

Those funny uterus things in black and gold are mine. It was an idea I tried in Carol Blackburn's Making Polymer Clay Beads on page 45. Also something I want to try again. I think I am talking myself into spreading out the polyclay stuff again.

This is the other image she sent today. A disc is promised with more. I would guess by the evenness of the fabric behind her beads, that this is fabric she wove herself. This photo is also a reminder to me that we used up all the red clay and I had better get off to the Sculpy Super Store to order more. The end of the economic crisis in the nation!