Saturday, May 18, 2013

The camel lost his hump! I saw it happening as I worked and tried to pull the fabric up but the weight of the beads pushed it back down. Only later in bed, when I could not sleep, did I get the idea of opening the creature and adding stuffing. That would have worked! I am thinking that many of the beanie babies could be improved by adding stuffing. Hmmm.
While I am not adverse to cutting away beads and redoing something, I am thinking that in this case I might be ahead to start with another one. I also realized the problem with his face is that I got carried away with those teeth (you can see a bit of them) and put in too many. Camels muzzles are fairly pointed and this has a very broad nose. So if this one is not a camel what is he? It is definitely male. Up under the tail a size 8 bead from the belly extended into the smaller beads and looks like one pale pink ball.