Sunday, May 19, 2013

I did cut open the camel and found that the way they get the pellets into the animal is to put a packet of pellets into a gauzy bag. Not knowing this I had sewed the beads to the outer fur and to the bag so there was no way to get the stuffing in around it to the hump. I did have another camel so I cut the belly open (where it had been closed) and stuffed in cotton to fill out the hump.
After a visit from Rhoda and too much bead talk I did not feel up to starting a new animal so picked up this one to continue it. Now that I see the photograph I realized that I followed too faithfully the color changes and they look just awful. Also those eyes are too small and will have to be replaced. It is interesting that the lack of a mouth on the bears is not a problem until the beads go on. It looks as if he has white tape over his mouth. . . So much to learn.